Head Hoggers, LLC

We here at Head Hoggers know your motorcycle is important to you. You rely on
your motorcycle to perform daily task such as commuting to work and having fun.
Your bike provides you with hours of relaxation and enjoyment. Head Hoggers
would like to help you get the most out of your riding experience.

Dr. Jim has been building Harley engines since 2003 and automotive engines since
1995. He has built everything from stock rebuilds to over 200hp Harley engines
and stock to over 1000hp automotive engines.

Dr. Jim strives to make sure every build is the best it can be and machining is
the best quality possible.

Dr. Jim has done extensive testing on the dyno and flowing heads over the years.
He has built and seen hundreds of different combinations and has tested cause
and effect on setups.

Dr. Jim can put together a kit for your needs that will be above your
expectations. Give us a call.

Head Hoggers is owned by Dr. Jim and his wife Lisa
Copyright – All rights reserved.