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Head Hoggers – 117 Engine Kits


Head Hoggers 117″ kits are built as needed and built for what you want out of it, from nasty to a full on concrete smashing engine for a Bagger.


Head Hoggers 117 Kits

Head Hoggers

  • S&S 4 3/8 stroke flywheels ( Can recondition/rebuild supplied wheels )
    S&S barrels 4.125 bore ( uncut )
    S&S pistons/custom pistons 4.125 bore ( Compression setup for profile of engine )
    Bore and hone
    Head Hoggers stage 3 or higher ported heads/ aftermarket ( supplied )
    Head hoggers ported throttle body ( sized to engine profile )
    Woods Performance cams ( setup for profile )
    Woods Performance lifters
    SE pushrods
    S&S cooling jets
    Clutch kit recommended
    High flow exhaust recommended