Shipping Instructions an Warranty Info

When preparing to send off your parts:

Please ensure there is enough packing materials between the item and the outside of the box.

UPS recommends a layer of big bubble wrap between items and the side wall of the box, pack boxed tightly to avoid shifting.

Use new boxes and insure your package, shippers don’t always pay for damages even if you insure the items.


Please print out this form, fill it out sign it and place it in the box with your parts.


Work order online print

If needed make a note of the cam, air cleaner, tuning software and exhaust you have.

Any question please call (256) 735-4520 or email


Due to the harsh environment in which motorcycles are exposed, there is no warranty expressed or implied, other than manufacturer’s component on the above parts and services.

Electronic devices are not under warranty. Head Hoggers LLC disclaims any and all liability for consequential or incidental damages to persons or property that may result from the parts or services.

Some parts may not be legal for sale or use in your state, Head Hoggers LLC is not responsible for determining whether parts are legal in your specific state.

Part and Labor not paid for within 2 days of completion become the property of Head Hoggers LLC and will be sold.

Special order agreement, Please sign and return to