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Throttle Body Boring

Throttle Body Boring


Head Hoggers Throttle Body Porting And Boring

Head Hoggers



    All throttle bodies are taken apart to be ported and matched to the heads. We get a average of 18 CFM gain by doing this. You can loose up to 22 CFM on non-matched ports.
    🔷Throttle Body Porting $200.00





    We offer throttle body boring. 06-up cable drive stk 46mm gets bored to 52mm 08-10 FBW stk 50mm gets bored to 54mm
    🔷 Throttle Body Boring & Porting $275.00


Contact Head Hoggers today for Throttle Body Porting and Boring or give us a call at (256) 735-4520

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