165″ of love

Think you have a big inch? Well think again. This is our full custom 165″!

We had the help of Terry Stewart ( Shaker Products ) to make this happen. Cases are custom made through S&S, custom made S&S cylinders ( still have to put in the longer sleeves ) , S&S B3 heads, P3R custom flywheel, Carrillo 8.2″ rods and bunch other stuff. If we achieve the low side of 1.2 HP per cubic in this will make 198hp. That’s pump gas ride anywhere!!! That is based off of 10.8-11:1 comp as well.

This setup is designed to fit in stock frame of 2008 and up. ( I do know cylinders are sitting on top of case, still have to bore case to fit the custom cylinders )

We are the only ones that offer this engine! There are no others like it.

Let us know your HP needs!

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