Big head Tuesday!

Doing few sets of S&S B2 heads. One is for a nasty 124″ setup we are doing inhouse with a HPI 64mm TB and the other set is for our 165″! Yes, 165″ of love!! No one has it but us. Fits in stock frame. At 1.2hp ( average )per cubic inch it will put down 198hp pump gas.

Don’t be fooled with B2 heads out of the box! They are not that great. We had ordered these with the 4 bolt exhaust to fix there big 2 bolt problems.

Stock flow was 294cfm on exhaust witch is good ( 4 bolt ) and 334cfm in @28″. In should be around 360-380 or so to make these heads work the way they should. So got some work to do. Lol.

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