Making HP with timing

Here’s a little insider trick to proper tuning and making HP with timing.

This is a good thing to know for any application, really important for boosted and nitrous setups.

Always put in a new set of plugs when testing!!

Do a full pull on bike/car and shut down after( **do not let it de-rev or come to idle**). On a car pull a couple plugs or bikes pull both and check where your timing mark is. The line across the ground strap is the “timing mark”. If the line is at the bent that is a good street setup. The farther up the line is the more retarded the timing is, the farther down the ground strap the more advanced timing is. Full race setup you want it to be as close to the base ( top ring above threads) as you can. This is very important for you forced induction and nitrous guys!!! This tells you everything and is a way to make some serious HP. 😎

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